Social activity

Success obliges!

We know this because for years - in accordance with this principle - we conduct a number of activities to support interesting and valuable initiatives in our town and region.

We support and promote

UKS PCM Kościerzyna - women's handball team

For years, UNIBUD has been the main sponsor of the Student Sports Club of the District Youth Center, a women's handball team that plays at PGNiG Superliga. For this reason, we received thanks from the local authorities, for the contribution to the development of handball

We are people of action.

Supporting the Volunteer Fire Brigade.

We prefer to act rather than just talk about action! We provide ongoing support to the Volunteer Fire Brigade in the Wielki Klincz. We also support financially numerous organizations, and residents of our town, who find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

UNIBUD ,caring for its own and local fire safety, provided financial support to the Volunteer Fire Brigade in the Wielki Klincz, from which we received thanks.

We act socially

We support our employees and residents who are struggling with illness, or are in a difficult financial situation.

Some of our employees fell ill, others had a serious car accident. There are people in our community who are struggling with a difficult financial situation. Being an employer of the year and the larger local employer obliges. That is why we support our former employees and their families financially and materially. In cooperation with the local parish and missionaries, we support financially the most needy people.

We take care of the youngest

Supporting schools and scouts

UNIBUD financially supports the local school, scouts and other numerous organizations for the benefit of the inhabitants of our town, and the Kościerzyna district. In this respect, we have received many thanks.

The team is important to us

Fishing competition

Every year for the last few years, we organize fishing competitions for our employees, which end with giving prizes and a picnic with the participation of our fishermen's families.