Experience, professionalism, partnership attitude to employees and suppliers and high quality customer service over the years has enabled us to develop a leading position in materials processing industry based on wood and high-gloss varnishing.


Experience. Appreciation. Trust

We have been on the market for over a quarter of a century, since the beginnings of the company KPPU UNIBUD Sp. z o.o. dates back to 1988. That’s over 30 years of experience and continuous activity associated with the processing of materials based on wood (MDF, HDF and others) for numerically controlled CNC machines.

We have been on the market for over 30 years

Since 1988, we offer services in the field of wood materials processing.

By carrying out the production and assembly, we rely fully on the requirements of our customers – by adjusting the line to their needs, while ensuring support in forms of knowledge and experience of our employees. With excellent technical facilities and highly qualified staff are able to meet even the most fancy, complicated projects of our partners.

Used by us in the production of advanced technologies – CNC controlled machining centers for wood-derived materials, painting lines, the press for covering the surface of the 3D liner and numerous other equipment for production and processing of surfaces polished to a high gloss – in combination with the KNOW HOW of our employees guarantee high quality of manufactured products.