Production process

Technology – in addition to the qualifications, knowledge and experience of our employees – is one of the most important factors determining the satisfaction of our existing customers with our projects. For this reason, we attach particular importance to it, trying to always use the latest available technologies.

Selection of materials

In the production process we use wood source materials MDF, HDF, and others that are processed by numerically controlled CNC centers.We have a lacquering center that allow to lackering high-gloss elements, which are then dried in our new dryer.

On modern production lines, we also realize an individual order according to the project and specifics given earlier.

High-quality MDF products

Through the years of cooperation, we are specializing primarily in the production of MDF products on numerically controlled machines and CNC machining centers. At the moment, in the context of subcontracting, we produce high quality.

  • speakers sets
  • bathroom furniture
  • specialisting housings for entertainment sectors

Quality control at every stage of work

Contact. Meeting. Partnership

Please feel free to contact us in order to obtain detailed information about our production capabilities, as well as to make an appointment to visit our company and product line.